Horde of space GIFs

4chan's worksafe GIF board– a treasure trove of excellent content before it hits the social media tracts –has a great thread of space GIFs up now. I've selected a few of the best here.

There are a couple hundred more in the full thread. Put your face to the GIF firehose that is my Tumblr.


    1. Based on many of the posts that have hit the front page over the years, this is not a work-safe site.  Which is frustrating to me since I would like to look at Boing Boing at work due to many of the interesting things on here.

  1. Alas, those pesky banners. Tentacle (g)rape isn’t going to go over too well in-office. And planets? Pshh. They’re totally just salting your goatse PTSD with those circles, you know. And lo, the frontier was rugged.

  2. ah this posting is why boing-boing is currently taking forever to load (over admittedly not-the-fastest pipe)  ..maybe.

  3. I don’t care if 4chan claims to have a safe-for-work subforum, I’m not going to go there at work, if at all.

  4. OP is a …  space enthusiast.

    if you follow the timeline of this post and compare with the timestamps in the /wsg/ thread, (bearing in mind BB is US west-coast times and 4chan is east-coast) there is acknowledgement of BB, a plea for OP to delete the thread, and two–three in the time it took to write this–ham-fisted spam ads (not usually seen on 4chan), but most importantly NO MORE GIFs.  lol, way to derail the thread, yo.  not mad, though.  it’s pretty funny.

  5. This 4chan place is pretty cool–the kids are mesmerized!  Can’t wait to explore what other great stuff this site has with them!

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