Moon landing not faked

FStoppers has the story and the proof. "Mr. SG Collins makes a pretty compelling argument claiming that neither NASA nor Stanley Kubrick were actually technologically capable of producing a video that could stand up to modern scrutiny. Collin’s photographic argument should put a final nail in the conspiracists’ theory for good."


  1. “Collin’s photographic argument should put a final nail in the conspiracists’ theory for good.”

  2. So you say they 

    a) must have actually put a man on the moon
    b) they were not capable of faking it?

    Finally, absolute sense-certainty is achieved – even in telemediation!

    Also, who is *them*? ; )

      1. No self-respecting conspiracy theorist would be so easily fooled and deterred. All you have to do is invent a conspiracy to discredit your conspiracy and you can read the signs either way. Both publicity and silence (concealment) give the same result. Foolproof! See?

      2. They’ll just think the Galactic Jewish Reptile Media Conspiracy takes them seriously enough to refute them.

    1. I disagree. The only way to kill this conspiracy theory is to give everyone who espouses it a good sock on the jaw.

        1. Plus, you now know the genesis of the final scene involving Dick Thornburg in Die Hard: “Did you get that?” (Immediately after being punched by Aldrin, Sibrel asked his cameraman, “Did you get that on camera? Did you get that on camera?”)

    1. The problem is then they pull out the “first they ignore you, then they laugh at you…” line. 

      The logic of which leads me to the conclusion that anything ignored, laughed at or fought against must have been true. Gina G, The Chuckle Brothers and Nazism: all eternal truths.

      1. The Google picture thingy says it’s a B. Kliban cartoon. He’s the cartoonist that did those funny cat cartoons in the mid 70s.

  3. Conspiracy theorism is a state that affects a certain portion of the human population because of the way the brain has evolved — to see patterns. You can no more spike a conspiracy theory than you can convince a paranoid schizophrenic that everyone likes him. Best consider it an altered state and concentrate in minimizing the damage.

    1.  Although he makes a good point about where we should focus our outrage against the American government

  4. Of course there was no moon landing. Its not an actual moon. A real landing would have exposed that it is actually a camouflaged Death Star put there by our extraterrestrial overlords (which is the REAL reason the White House won’t build one). And its that same advanced alien technology that keeps “proving” that the photos and videos are “real”.

    1.  I heard he admitted on Oprah that Apollo 11 to 16 were fakes but is still claiming that Apollo 17 is genuine.  Can anyone confirm?

        1. You mean that he was never on Oprah’s television show. You don’t know if he was ever on Oprah.

      1. Sure, he played “What a Wonderful World”. It had a few bum notes, but it’s not easy playing a trumpet in a pressure suit.

    1. Killing zombies with nails is silly… shotgun blast to the head is the correct answer.

  5. I believe the important thing we can all draw from this is that thanks to the latest technology we can now properly fake a lunar landing.

  6. Very nice. As a film head this guy is right on the mark with his logical reasoning. Occam’s razor. We just went to the moon it was easier. 

    1. The difficulty with that is, you need a rather powerful laser to bounce a signal off the retroreflectors; a pencil-width, well-collimated laser will have expanded to a mile diameter by the time it reaches the retroreflector, with attendant attenuation, and similar attenuation by the time it comes back — thus, you also need a powerful telescope to pick up the returning signal, and unless the conspiratorial enthusiasts build the equipment themselves, they can always say it’s been backdoored.

    2. I imagine the people with the skills necessary to either build or assemble such a rig (so they know it isn’t a hoax itself) aren’t the types to believe in faked moon landings

  7. I wonder if the moron who came up with the theory that Kubrick planted “evidence” of his part in the “hoax” all throughout the Shining ever considered that he was just trolling the conspiracy theorists? The first theory was in 1974 in the book ‘We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle’ while the film released in 1980. Derp.

  8. How do we know that the US government didn’t just use the reverse engineered technology they recovered from the Roswell site to make the videos? The real conspiracy isn’t that NASA faked a Moon landing. It is that the US government hid the first actual one performed in the 1940s where they used alien technology.

  9. “Collin’s photographic argument should put a final nail in the conspiracists’ theory for good.”

    And yet it won’t. No amount of rational refutation will convince the conspiracists because for most of them their belief in the conspiracy isn’t based on reason. They believe it because they want to believe it, and any evidence to the contrary is just dismissed or explained away. Once someone elevates his feelings above his rationality, once he goes by his feelings and he turns his mind into a tool for rationalizing those feelings, rational persuasion becomes almost impossible.

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