Gemma, a 1" diameter Arduino-compatible board for wearable electronics

Adafruit has announced "Gemma," a bite-sized, Arduino compatible board intended for use in wearable electronics projects. It measures 1" in diameter, and while it's not shipping yet, they're taking names for people who want to get 'em when they ship:

* Powered by the ATtiny85 with 3 available I/O pins, one of which is also an analog input and two which can do PWM output*
Progammable over the micro USB connection*
Onboard 3.3v Regulator and power LED*
Reset button*
Works with our Flora NeoPixels (can drive about a dozen - not much RAM!)*
Super tiny design, only 1" (25mm) diameter & 4mm thick

Adafruit Gemma - Miniature wearable electronic platform (Thanks, Matthew!)


    1. Yeah, didn’t say it’s washable on Adafruit, what good is it for? Arduino Nano is also very small, and eBay has loads of them, very cheap.

    2. Once you have it all assembled, tested, and are happy, a quick coating with conformal coat or E-safe RTV should take care of washability… Batteries will still have to come out though! Bringing the USB out to a waterproof connector on a pigtail rather than an on board connector would help too.

  1. A sign of the paranoia of our age is the fact that when I saw this I didn’t think “Hey, that’s really cool!”, but instead thought “If you wear that through airport security, someone with a badge is going to think you’re a terrorist.”

    1. Just got in on an order of those.  Pretty cool – same base processor too (ATTINY85) afaik.  

  2. Can I suggest an extremely easy “wearable electronics” application? Whoever makes this will make a million bucks.

    A pin, or similar small-footprint accoutrement that is a functional button.

    Pressing this button when your smartphone is ringing talks to the phone (over bluetooth? ip? idgaf) and instructs the phone to refuse the call.

    For those of us who leave our phones charging or on our desk, and hate having to go shut the phone off when you’re across the room.

    1. I’m sure you could make 2 million bucks if you could speak through it like a star trek communicator pin.

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