Helen MacInnes' classic 1941 thriller, Above Suspicion, reissued (excerpt)


4 Responses to “Helen MacInnes' classic 1941 thriller, Above Suspicion, reissued (excerpt)”

  1. snailspace says:

    My parents had a lot of Helen MacInnes’s books in the house when I was growing up; the anti-Communist speeches seemed a bit shoehorned into some of them, but they were always great thrillers.  When I got to be an adult, I was a bit disappointed my life didn’t sweep into great exciting races and chases and spying and escapades in beautiful foreign locales like in MacInnes’s books, or Mary Stewart’s.

  2. Fef says:

    Now who’s gonna start marketing the “Who Is Peter Galt?” merchandise?

  3. mmmwright says:

    Above Suspicion was my mother’s favorite book – I still have her copy and, like snailspace, I just assumed that my life would be like MacInnes or Stewart wrote it!  Spies! Thrills! Romance!

  4. Bruce Keeler says:

    “Sporting his Oak”, eh?  So that’s the Oxford euphemism is it?

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