Clip of Ashton Kutcher as Jobs

From ETOnline.


  1. Did Woz really look like that back then? Wow!

    And I just keep getting this “made-for-tv” vibe from the clip. 

    Not bad acting though from Kutcher.

    1. Google “Wozniak 70s” and see that he had straight long hair back then.  Looked something like Little Britain’s Lou Todd character.

    2. Not really…he was kind of John Denver like.  The character in this video seems intended to present Woz in an unfavorable way.  It is not clear the place in Apple’s arc this clip represents, although if they are arguing about whether anyone will buy a computer or not, it must be pre Apple I.  To suggest that Woz would not perceive a market at that time, with the example of IMSAI and ALTAIR before them, I find not believable.  Likewise, OS talk when most hobby computers had bootstrap loaders is out of era; you might have 2K bytes of total memory.  Here is a video of Woz at the end of the Apple II cycle:

      1. this is my beef with this, too. it makes woz look like a clueless brainiac, when in fact he CLEARLY understood what they were doing… he just didn’t care for all the schmoozy marketing stuff. he wanted to improve it and make it better because he COULD.

      2. Nice! I haven’t seen this before. I love his mannerisms and gestures when he was really explaining the details. 

      1. No he did not. Woz was REALLY enthusiastic about computers. He wanted to give ’em away. Jobs talked him into charging $666.66. That actor did NOT convey Woz’s personality at all.

  2. Wow, Ashton made no effort to change his goofy voice.  You can’t even call this acting.  He’s just reciting lines as himself.  This is going to get a Razzie.

      1.  For about a second I hear it, but then I see his dead eyes, his damned uncomprehending dead eyes, and suddenly kelso takes his place. Maybe its unfair of me, but he really doesn’t do anything different than what he´s done in anything else I´ve seen him in.

        1. I know what you mean; but the same could be said for a lot of actors (there’s a term for it, applies to directors too – totally escapes me) – but I think it stands out more as a negative in a biopic.

  3. I’m so used to him playing ‘duuuuuude’ characters, I just have a hard time buying it. I’m not a Jobs fan, but he was obviously smart, Kutcher just can’t sell the young genius thing for me.

    1. Mr. Kutcher was majoring in biochemical engineering before he went into acting. He’s also a fairly prolific producer (of dubious entertainment). I would guess that he’s pretty smart.

      1. And…? He choses to play dumb stoner characters, which most people associate him with, so my point still stands.

      2. Um… so? What you major in doesn’t exactly make you a “young genius.” Plus, according to Ye Olde Wikipedia, he *planned* on majoring in biochemical engineering. He spent most of his time partying and dropped out when he won a modeling contest.

        Anyhoo… even aside from the insipid characters he’s played, I’ve never witnessed anything from him that made me think he was anything more than average in intelligence (and mediocre in talent).

        1. What you major in doesn’t exactly make you a “young genius.”

          Were you aware that quotation marks are meant to be used for quotations?

  4. Speaking of made-for-tv, I recently re-watched Pirates of Silicon Valley.  Not too bad for that type of production, I thought, and pretty good casting.  

  5. I think this could work. I’ll take the BBS Documentary over the story of Apple any day, but I’d still buy an overpriced theatre ticket to this, if only to see how Woz is portrayed. 

  6. I, for one, am happy to see they’re finally rebooting Seinfeld. You totally get why they chose to make it a prequel set in the eighties as soon as you see those over the top hairdos on George, and to some lesser extent on Jerry. Looking forward to seeing Matthew Modines take on Kramer.

  7. I remember when the comments here used to be insightful and entertaining instead of Gawker with extra snark.  

    I was initially skeptical about this casting choice, but I think this clip has sold me on it.

  8. Looks pretty dumbed-down and simplistic to me, as biopics usually are. Doesn’t look like they understand Wozniak very well, based on this scene.

  9. Perhaps they did the whole composite character thing to keep things simple, so we’re seeing Woz combined with someone else, which is why it seems so off to people like us who are familiar with him.

    1. If this is so it undervalues Wozniak’s contribution to Apple’s and Jobs’ success. The prevailing attitude seems to be that whatever product Jobs attached himself to would have enjoyed a similar success, but Woz’s Apple ][ really was a standout at the time for a number of reasons. Open architecture and colour display, for example. The S100 bus equipment had the open architecture and the hearts of many of the more technical, but was harder to implement. Woz’s creation captured the hobby market and Dan Bricklin’s Visicalc got the business market for Apple. Or so I recall…

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