Darth Vader returns to CNN

The voice of James Earl Jones is back at CNN, intoning “This is CNN” in Vaderesque baritone. "Its restoration was a symbolic first act by Jeff Zucker, the new chief executive of CNN Worldwide, whose first official day on the job was Monday," reports Brian Stelter at the NYT.


    1.  I dunno, its the one thing I missed from CNN. They got rid of him around the same time they stopped being legitimate journalists . Maybe its a sign they want to be legitimate again?

  1. James Earl Jones a baritone? I’d have expected him to be a real bass. Surely we’re not that rare?

  2. Would prefer it if they had gone full pop culture and licensed elements of JEJ’s portrayal of Thulsa Doom. A CNN station ident that declares “This flame will burn away the darkness!” would be glorious.

    You could have a sting commanding the viewer to “Contemplate this on the tree of woe.” after an editorial opinion piece. Or possibly a short sermon on The Riddle of News: “Steel isn’t strong, boy, an informed electorate is stronger!”

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