Just look at this gilded banana.

Just look at it.

Katachi Golden Objects (Thanks, Jonni!)


    1.  i was wondering that myself, a number of posts involving bananas with just “just look at it” in the description…

      1. None of the searches seem to go back to the first banana post, which was four or five years ago.

  1. Battle not with steampunks in Bob Basset masks, lest ye become one yourself. When you just look at the banana, the banana just looks back at you.

  2. I was hoping someone could explain the banana just look at it thing to me.  I am confused.

  3. “Consider this a warning, Mr. Doctorow: don’t poach fruit from Auric Goldfinger’s private bowl.”

  4. All of Cory’s “just look at it posts” are actually animated gifs. You have to look at it for a really long time — like 20 minutes — and then it happens really fast, so don’t look away or you’ll miss it. But trust me, it’s totally worth it. This one’s great!

    Just look at it!

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