Eggs and bananas frequently play role in curse removal scams

I never really thought about what goes into running a curse removal scam.

Westside Today:

According to the LAPD, Lee operated a psychic reading business in Culver City and met the victim, a Hollywood resident, several years ago. The LAPD says that during an eight-year period, Lee gained the victim’s trust and claimed the victim was afflicted with negative energy that was adversely impacting her life.

“Lee ‘verified’ the extent of the curse through a ritual involving eggs, and then required large sums of money to be given to her to further the ‘curse removal work.’ Lee told the victim the money would ultimately be returned to her, but this never occurred,” the LAPD said.

Detectives have spoken to two other victims with similar accounts and believe more may exist, according to the department.

“These types of scams are more common than one may think and target emotionally, physically and spiritually vulnerable victims. The scams often involve eggs and/or bananas to determine the extent of a curse, and a promise to return any money or valuables the victim may provide the suspect. Victims are often reluctant to report these incidents out of embarrassment and fear of being ostracized and scorned by their friends and family,” the LAPD said

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Australian Open tennis player scolded for asking ball girl to peel his banana

Courtside at this weekend's Australian Open, French tennis champ Elliot Benchetrit requested that a ball girl peel his banana. Apparently Benchetrit felt that he couldn't peel the banana himself due to his finger bandages. Chair umpire John Blom wasn't having it and gave Benchetrit a real what-for. The tennis player then appeared to start peeling the banana with his teeth.


Update from CNN:

Now Benchetrit has offered his account of events, and insists he's amazed at the furore.

'At 6-5 in the final set, during the changeover, I asked the ball girl to peel the banana for me as I had put some cream on my hands in order not to sweat," he said.

"She had done it once before at the beginning of the match. But the second time the chair umpire stepped in and told me that the ball girl was not my slave and I had to peel the banana myself.

"I could not believe that the umpire said that and I find incredible how this situation got out of control on social media without people knowing what really happened on court."

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Just look at these decorated ruckus-causing lunchtime bananas

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Just look at this bananamobile that a cop pulled over because he wanted to give the driver $20.

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Just look at this Emshwiller galactic 1961 F&SF banana

Just look at it.

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Just look at this banana-based demo of the Iphone wide-angle lens

Just look at it.

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Just look at this banana hammock

Bananas that are as ripe as depicted in this banana hammock do not ap-peel to me at all (yuk!), but I can't help but appreciate the effort nonetheless.

As Cory would write, just look at it.

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Just look at this 3D printable "banana knight"

Just look at it. (Thanks, Geoff Cole) Read the rest

Just look at this curved yellow fruit

Just look at it.

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Just look at this vintage "banana candle" recipe

Just look at it.

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Just look at this suspect's gun that turned out to be a banana

Just look at it.

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Just look at this banana-based feminist protest movement in Poland.

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Just look at this 1943 Busby Berkeley banana dance

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Boxes of bananas donated to Texas prison contained $18 million in cocaine

Ports of America in Freeport, Texas donated 45 boxes of ripe bananas to the nearby Wayne Scott Unit prison. When the prison officers unloaded the boxes, they "discovered something not quite right."

"One of the boxes felt different than the others," TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice) said in a statement. "They snipped the straps, pulled free the box, and opened it up. Inside, under a bundle of bananas, he found another bundle! Inside that? What appeared to be a white powdery substance."

They counted 540 packages of cocaine worth approximately $17,820,000. Now that's bananas!

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Just look at these bananails.

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The art of fruit stickers on a tee

Inspired by the fruit stickers of the Instagram account @fruit_stickers comes the Fruit Stickers tee (a sheet of fruit stickers ships with every order). Available until August 1 for $32.75.

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Just look at this exploding, extremely ripe wild banana.

Just look at it.

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