Just look at this banana-based feminist protest movement in Poland.

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Just look at this 1943 Busby Berkeley banana dance

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Boxes of bananas donated to Texas prison contained $18 million in cocaine

Ports of America in Freeport, Texas donated 45 boxes of ripe bananas to the nearby Wayne Scott Unit prison. When the prison officers unloaded the boxes, they "discovered something not quite right."

"One of the boxes felt different than the others," TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice) said in a statement. "They snipped the straps, pulled free the box, and opened it up. Inside, under a bundle of bananas, he found another bundle! Inside that? What appeared to be a white powdery substance."

They counted 540 packages of cocaine worth approximately $17,820,000. Now that's bananas!

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Just look at these bananails.

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The art of fruit stickers on a tee

Inspired by the fruit stickers of the Instagram account @fruit_stickers comes the Fruit Stickers tee (a sheet of fruit stickers ships with every order). Available until August 1 for $32.75.

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Just look at this exploding, extremely ripe wild banana.

Just look at it.

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Just look at this banana-futures-speculation cryptocurrency

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Look at this banana pose.

Just look at it.

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Just look at this banana-shaped pool-table

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Just look at these complicated, fragile independent New York banana supply-chains

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Man's gluten free airline meal request met with a single banana

Martin Pavelk pre-ordered a gluten-free breakfast for his All Nippon Airways flight from Tokyo to Sydney, Australia. He was served a single banana, a packet of salt, and a knife and fork.

“All other passengers were served a full breakfast meal consisting of eggs, sausage, mushrooms, bread, and yogurt,” Pavelk said. “This was a nine-hour flight. Although definitely gluten-free, the banana did not keep me full for very long.”

All Nippon Airways told The Telegraph that they have since "apologized to him personally and as a result of his experience we are reviewing our policy on gluten free options and how they are served.” Read the rest

Pupper vs Bananner

Gruesome stuff, don't watch if you're under 18. Read the rest

Just look at this enamel bananashark pin

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Just look at Stephan Brusche's incredible banana sculptures

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Just look at these bananas in a Carmen Miranda/Busby Berkeley musical.

Robbo sez, "From the 1943 Busby Berkeley musical extravaganza "The Gang's All Here" - this is Carmen Miranda singing: The Lady In The Tutti-Fruity Hat. At around 3:20 they bring out the really big bananas." Read the rest

Just look at this lego banana-mecha being piloted by a dude in a banana suit

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China bans seductive eating of bananas

It's presumably OK to eat a banana in a seductive fashion in China. But the official word is out that live-streaming the act is now forbidden.

The move is the authorities' latest attempt to clamp down on "inappropriate and erotic" online content. In April, the Ministry of Culture announced it was investigating a number of popular live-streaming platforms for allegedly hosting pornographic or violent content that "harms social morality". News of the banana ban has prompted thousands of users to chime in on Chinese social media.

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