Blackberry Z10 reviewed


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  1. Manny says:

    I can haz real keyboard? I hate pinky-pecking.

    • jackbird says:

      I used to agree with you, but I love me some Swype.

      • Jonathan Roberts says:

        Beat me to it. I love Swype, especially as I have a small phone and the keyboard on portrait is really small. It’s also easy to work between languages, which is very useful for me. The speech recognition isn’t bad either, and works in more than one language.

    • signsofrain says:

      In the age of thumb keyboards, onscreen keyboards, and voice recognition, what I really miss is Palm’s Graffiti. Man, could I enter text fast on a Palm. 

      • Manny says:

        I miss my Palm Tungsten T3. It’s a lot easier to work with a PDA separate from the phone, IMO. No matter what I try, I keep settling back into a communication device, an organizer, and an entertainment thing. Once Nokia candy bar, T3, and book. Now Blackberry, Filofax, Nook, and a wireless hotspot for the Nook. (And a sack of chargers. And an extension cord.)

  2. Mike Riverso says:

    When you’re already on the way out, “good enough” isn’t good enough. You’ve got to give users reason to switch back from the new environments they’ve become accustomed to.

  3. Wild Rumpus says:

    And don’t forget, as CEO Thorsten Heins pronounced it in his announcement, it’s a ZED-10, not a ZEE-10!

  4. timquinn says:

    Well, looks like monolithic touchscreen and virtual keyboard have taken the contest. 

    You will have better luck with those fake keys if you just go for it. I have noticed that a certain type of person struggles with it, fussy typists. The spelling correction is maddening though.A competition amongst operating systems seems like a healthy thing. We are seeing the period of proliferation that occurs when a new technology pops up. Then comes the weeding out. One generalization you seem to be able to make is that the early bigshot is not the later big shot, so RIM has that going for them. 

    i would have to hold that phone in my hand to be sure, but it doesn’t look like RIM has figured out that the phone has morphed from something like a remote  control to something like a watch. Detailing has changed scale and decoration is left to the consumer ala the strap. You don’t want to be seen at the office holding a remote control to your head, for god’s sake. That is the place for something evocative of fine, but masculine, jewelry. Businesslike means confident and trim like a good suit, not blousey like a weekend in the islands.

    The phone is a very prominent personal detail. It carries a lot of significance. You have to give Apple credit for getting that right. The iPhone5 lives to be held by someone wearing a black pinstripe suit with a red tie, and is suitable for anyone who aspires to that. I thought that was Blackberries market also.

    And I wear black t-shirts all the time and don’t always smell that great so I am not talking about me, just decoding the semiotics.

  5. Cowicide says:

    even Microsoft’s offerings

    Wow, it doesn’t even beat out Microsoft.  It’s that bad?

  6. Cary Allen says:

    No more RIM. They call themselves Blackberry now, for some weird reason.

    • signsofrain says:

      I think it’s because most people who aren’t technology nerds are constantly conflating company and product names. I’ve heard Apple called “Mac”, I’ve heard Microsoft called “Windows”, and I’ve heard Google called “Android”

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        The same people who bring in the monitor when the computer needs to be fixed?

        • B E Pratt says:

          I’ve helped enough people to bite my tongue instead of saying well, if you just turned it on/plug it in/have a power cord/etc.
          [edit] Oh yes, and don’t repeat anything more than 3 times. They really aren’t trying to listen to you.

        • signsofrain says:

          The same people who, no matter how many times you try to explain, still don’t grasp the concept of a filesystem. Folders, files… it’s all so complicated. Or memory management… quit apps you’re not using? It’s just so time consuming.

  7. legsmalone says:

    I miss my 2nd generation Curve. After it finally bit the dust, I went through the gamut of Android phones and then finally ended up with a 4s. I think I missed out on the best Androids, but the Iphone just annoys me. Sure it’s easy, but sometimes it feels like it’s made for morons and keeps you from doing simple things that smart people should be able to do.

  8. Ladyfingers says:

    Am I the only person who wants there to be more and more OSes so that content formatting is better standardised?

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