Van Cafe at it again


5 Responses to “Van Cafe at it again”

  1. MollyMaguire says:

    They sent me a couple bags of cookies with my 15″  wheels and put them on the receipt as “SHIPPING – 2 bags of cookies – USPS Ground $250″. Good folks to deal with.

  2. Nathan Garver-Daniels says:

    Is your locking differential working again?  The joys of owning a syncro Westy!

  3. Juan Buhler says:

    Van Cafe is awesome, and the cookies are standard. Sadly I never got any, because I’d either pick up my orders in person, or have them shipped to my mechanic directly.

    That said, seeing this on my Boing Boing feed made me think Google Reader had mixed up my rss subscription :)  Nice to see that a BB publisher has a Westy!

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