Durex launches condoms-on-demand iOS app in Dubai

There are many layers of WTF in the apparent news that Durex is launching an emergency condom delivery service application for Apple devices, and doing so only in the Muslim, culturally conservative, city-state/emirate of Dubai. That's right. Dubai. Here's a promo video.

First review's in.


  1. the great thing is that there are reviews like that for almost every app you find. One for a stop motion app: “Great app. Gets you laid for sure!!!”

  2. 1) Things are heating up.
    2a) You suggest waiting for the pizza.
    2b) You’re interrupted by police harassment.
    3) Mood continues untempered.

    What could go wrong?

  3. This makes me feel even worse for not turning around and returning the condoms a young gentleman lost in the back seat of my cab last Friday.

  4. Not just a lol – police officers in many places (including the USA) have been known to use condom possession as evidence that a woman is a prostitute. If that’s a legitimate risk for women, especially in a country where the penalties would be very harsh, then an on-demand delivery service could potentially keep innocent people out of jail. That said, the police might start following the condom delivery vans around…

    1.  My best guess for why this is happening in Dubai is that it’s probably difficult to get your hands on condoms by just walking into a store and buying them — people will look, might start talking and so on.

      So this might just be the thing that (at least some) people need to even be in possession of condoms without running into problems with society

      1. You can buy condoms in every gas station, drug store and club / bar / hotel restroom in Dubai. Just sayin’.

        1. You can also buy liquor in Dubai.  “Culturally conservative?” Maybe compared to Amsterdam.  I was in Dubai in October and my hotel was, to put it charitably, a swangin’ bachelor pad.

          It might raise more eyebrows next door in Sharjah, though.

  5. You’d think that if the guy can perform an hour of foreplay while he waiting for the delivery to arrive, he’d also realize that there are other options available besides those which mandate a condom, eh.

    1. So close, sooo close, k.  Here’s ‘closer’; “Saran Wrap” by the Fugs:  (skip to 1:27 if the intro is tl;dl)

  6. The notion that Dubai is “culturally conservative” is a bit (miles) off the mark.  There is more booze, sex and techno here than most global cities.  Think Las Vegas meets Miami, except replace the Cubans and Puerto Ricans with Indians and Lebanese, and then replace  tourists from Minnesota with Saudis on a 10-day bender.

    1. Yeah, I replied to your other comment before I saw this one.  The description might apply to one of the other Emirates, like Sharjah. But I haven’t been to Sharjah.

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