Lost Boys jacket

Alas, the mystical and gorgeously elaborated jacket worn by Alex Winter in his performance as Marko in The Lost Boys has been sold. No idea how much it cost, but it can't have been enough.

Lost Boys, The (via Super Punch)


  1. ホレ!(^-^)/(((((((((●~*

    how cool is this jacket, eh?  don’t front like you didn’t covet it when you first saw it in Lost Boys.

    poor alex winter.  that guy had a lot of great ideas, but hollywood rejected him.  Squeal of Death, Freakz, great stuff.  everyone just thinks of him as Bill, but of course I loved that movie, too.

  2. Ye Gods that thing is freaking awesome. I watched that movie when I was waaaay too young to watch that movie. Between that, and the Bauhaus version of Ziggy Stardust I think my fate was sealed by the age of three.

    I used to see older people who still dressed like it was 1978 and they were in a hair rock band, and I thought “Oh I’ll never be that way, I always adapt to new things” But I have to admit, I get the nostalgia something fierce. God damn the sun, god damn everyone…

  3. oh how i loved this movie. i’d love to know more behind the costuming thought behind the vampires, because they were very distinctive and singular for the time. each one looked incredible. so full of style.

  4. One of my favorite movies as a teen and I SO wanted this jacket and the leather jacket that looked like a tuxedo jacket with tails that the blond vampire wore.  Jealous of whoever has this thing now.

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