U.S. bombed in North Korean propaganda video

http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=203_1360053143 Please enjoy this North Korean propaganda video, which features dreams of happiness and space travel, a stirring instrumental rendition of We Are The World, and America engulfed in flames. [Video link: LiveLeak]


    1. I’ve been trying to figure that one out.  The only working theory I’ve got is that the Michael Jackson song was translated into Korean, but the lyrics were probably shifted heavily toward “we are the people, let’s all live together (without oppression).”  In other words, standard stuff for the oppressive DPRK.

    2. North Korea is a fake.  We made them up so that even hard-core critics of the US would side with us occasionally.

  1. Usa For Africa – We Are The World
    They must have never heard the lyrics.
    “There are people dying and it’s time to lend a handTo life – the greatest gift of all.?”

    1. Canon, cannon’s shoot, shoot pictures, blow your mind, subliminal messages attacking you through the internet.

  2. Bonus points to anyone who finds the MIDI file they pulled off the internet for the song.

    It is a bit curious they featured a Canon camera, which is of Japanese manufacture. They don’t have a home brewed DSLR? 

  3. The best best part is the We Are the World background music.  Too funny for words.  Reality parodies itself. 

    Can someone translate the text?  I’d love to know what it says. 

  4. As redditor joshuav85 pointed out, the footage is from an American made video game. I find the re-appropriation of Western images/music in the propaganda made by the DPRK to be infinitely fascinating. I wonder if there is any knowledge of the origin of the song in North Korea or if it’s just another piece of evidence for North Korean talent and dominance. 

    I can only begin to imagine the stories and experiences that would come out of a North Korea if/when the current government ceased to be. Imagine coming out into a world where you see all these things that were explained to you in one way to find out that they came from or mean something else entirely. Would it still be the rest of the planet that was crazy? Or would it finally give you an inkling as to how much the government was just lying/making things up?

      1. I’m sure you could find, with little work, creepy crappy racist / jingoist stuff on YouTube which makes this DPRK dream video look tame.

        But there is a big difference between having a country where there are creeps and cranks who fetishsize destruction and a country where official government organs put out bizarre stuff like this.

        1. No desire to draw a false equivalence between a deeply flawed democracy and an unrelenting nightmare like NK, but in terms of this video only (“It seems that the nest of wickedness is ablaze with the fire started by itself.” is hardly “genocide”), it doesn’t do much more than recap Bush’s bullshit Mars announcement and “Shock and Awe” nonsense.

    1. “Ah, North Korea! The only country where a dream about rockets repeatedly lifting off and genocide is thought of as a good thing.”
      yeah… glad no one has that false impression about my country! #doh! 

  5. I wonder what Kim Jong Un, having been brought up in the West, thinks about the production values of this video.

  6. I’d love to see a translation of the text over the video. It might explain a few things.. or scare the crap out of me further. Anyone?

  7. I started to watch this and then I realized that there is probably some subliminal psychological attack embedded in the video. Luckily I was able to interpret these feelings correctly: loss of essence. The hope of the North Koreans is that this goes viral and then it’s brain haemorrhages everywhere.

  8. What’s the story with the dude in the beginning and end who slept through it all? Was it supposed to be his dream?

  9. It’s kind of a relief to see there’s somebody out there more batshit crazy than the republican party.

  10. If the translation I saw this morning was accurate (link lost, sorry), then this is less crazy than it is being portrayed. Still crazy, yes, but not all that crazy.

    According to the article I saw, the text over the New York in flames footage suggested that the nest of wickedness was in flames /by their own hands./ That suggests to me that the point of the video is this: by the time the North Korean space program reaches the reusable shuttle stage, the US will have collapsed via internal civil war; since (in their opinion) the only thing blocking the peaceful reunification of Korea is that the US military is propping up right-wing regimes in Seoul, then they are predicting that the day that the US military is recalled to fight in its own civil war will be the day that peace comes to Korea.

    I don’t share their confidence that North Korea will ever build their own shuttle. I do find their idea that the US could have another civil war terrifyingly plausible, though, and they probably are right that a US civil war would probably result, for them locally, in the fall of South Korea. I think it’s crazy to suggest that the result would be peaceful, jubilant crowds in the former South Korean happily waving the new flag of the reunited peninsula. But it doesn’t strike me as an entirely crazy thing for them to dream about.

  11. An update (that no will read): Yup, Reddit called it correctly. Activision served a DMCA takedown for the scenes clipped from Modern Warfare 3 on Tuesday; by Wednesday the NK channel had removed it completely. The Beeb has posted a writeup.

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