Just look at these Filipino marines

Photo: Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

Evidently these are new recruits. I wonder how well the experienced ones can balance a banana.


  1. Speaking of military bananas, y’all are smart, I bet you can help me with this.  When I was a kid, someone told me about a movie where a POW had to flush a banana down a toiley=t.  If it didn’t flush down he’d have to eat it (but it did).  Similarly, a POW was forced to walk with an olive clenched ‘twixt his buttocks.  If he didn’t drop the olive, he would not have to eat it.  Sound familiar?  To this day I don’t know if the other kid was joking or this was a real movie.

  2. To graduate boot camp you must be able to eat your entire meal with the banana on your head – vertical.

    1. It is a harmless way of instilling one particular form of discipline. The military have to strike the right balance between blind obedience and the application of individual skills. Both are necessary for the efficient functioning of a unit.

    2. Actually, much easier than balancing a book while walking….both because of the shape and because of the relative stickiness of the peel.

      I’ll bet it helps teach the idea that just because you’re eating (etc.), you shouldn’t stop paying attention to things around you.

    3. Just you wait until they take it to the next level – balancing a banana while eating durian.  Then they’ll cull the weak from the strong.

  3. I bet they do that thing with only moving the knife and fork in straight lines and right angles – Filipino ships’ officers in training did in a reportage I saw on TV once.

    1. Makes me wonder if it would help to eat not your own plate, but the one across from you whereas the person across would do the same.

      Or maybe that makes it worst.

  4. I was thinking, “Wow, those Marines sure do have some feminine features”

    Sure enough: “Newly-recruited female marines”

    1. I know, at first I was thinking “Dude you really need to start dating again because the one on the left has good cheekbones and nice hands.”

      Anyway I pointed it out and the moderator promptly deleted my comment.

  5. Looks like a fun way to promote good posture, I am going to try this at our family dinner tonight.

  6. I am reading a pretty cool series right now, the 3-trilogy Galactic Marines series by Ian Douglas http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_H._Keith,_Jr.
    I’m half-way through and it’s great! When I was little I was freaked by real life marines I saw somewhere who looked so huge and kick-ass. Reading this, even though it is fiction, there’s a lot of lore and it has gotten me interested in them. Not in joining up though, evidently you need to be both smart and have dino-moxie to be a marine! I respect them.

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