Building a "bionic man"


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  1. sqyntz says:

    if it doesn’t make the Six-Million-Dollar-Man-Bionic-Sound it’ll never catch on

  2. Sam Ley says:

    Disturbingly reminiscent of a humanoid robot a friend of mine made. It didn’t simulate the functioning of the pancreas, but it was dressed in a clown suit, had a rubber face perpetually trapped in the “O” expression and a throbbing, rotating member. If you sat on its lap it would penetrate you, grip you tightly with its robotic arms, and scream while the head spun around.

    I declined to test its full functionality.

  3. plyx says:

    Why does it have Eric Bana’s face?

  4. Frank266 says:

    Does he fight sasquatch in this video?

  5. mtdna says:

    Not nearly as impressive as Sesame Street’s Six Dollar Man:

  6. efergus3 says:

    I don’t think that this is what Dr. Frank-N-Furter had in mind.

  7. Sarge Misfit says:

    That’s not bionic. That’s a robot. To be bionic it has to have a biological component

  8. Nick Harvey says:

    This reminds me of a bit of short fiction I read somewhere on the net, which involved the theft of many high tech prosthetic devices, cochlear implant, artificial heart, etc, to build a complete person. Not sure where the brain came from.

  9. I wonder what the head prosthesis is used for…

  10. eldritch says:

    So this isn’t a research piece? It’s just sitting in a museum? That’s a darn shame.

    It would be so much more worthwhile to just donate it to the Mythbusters.

  11. Jayarava says:

    Some bionic man – he can only go as far as his power cables allow, and trailing that massive pump under the chair. But contrast a tiny fruit fly is a model of elegant design, completely sell powering and guiding, and can reproduce. Hell, an amoeba is more impressive than this guy.

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