Snowstorms inspire a blizzard of sex ads in Craigslist personals

A quick NSFW! search in the craigslist personals classifieds for "nemo" turns up many gems, among them, "I want to get plowed harder than your driveway," and "I'm disease-free and recently tested; I'm as real as this storm." If you are an adult and you are also prepared to view poorly-lit photographs of strangers' genitalia, search the personals listings for other storm-hit areas like Boston right now for more mocking-lonely-horny-people-on-Craigslist fun.


  1. The ones in Boston are kind of awesome too, and with that Bostonian subtlety:
    The title says it all. Big dicks to the front of the line. I’ll be here all night since Nemo has me snowed in. If you can get here I will get you off. Send stats and dick pics with “facial” as the subject line for consideration.

  2. Hmph.  Lonely winter-storm folks out here in L.A. are reduced to pandering for golden showers from enlarged prostates.  Normally I love our weather out here, but it’s never, ever gotten me laid.

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