Star Wars easter-egg hidden in a traceroute


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  1. Sigmund_Jung says:

    good old tracert on windows command line worked just fine

  2. Gogs Davies says:

    the IP address is wrong in the opening text for me. I needed to use

  3. Anyone able to replicate this? On Debian I tried some variations of flags on the given IP and also but no luck. Windows XP tracert also failed.

    • swattz101 says:

       Make sure you use as the endpoint. The first couple of time I used which is at the bottom of the screenshot above, but it’s cut off. I expect all the interior hops don’t exist, which is why Destination Host Unreachable error for them.

    • Jonathan Miller says:

      Here is the video showing the Star Wars traceroute easter egg:

  4. Frank Cox says:

    you need to increase the hops to see the whole thing:

    tracert -h 80
    51   131 ms   136 ms   131 ms  0—0 []
     52   136 ms   152 ms   130 ms  0–0 []
     53   131 ms   130 ms   133 ms  0-0 []
     54   149 ms   134 ms   136 ms  00 []
     55   132 ms   131 ms   129 ms  I []
     56   135 ms   131 ms   130 ms  By.Ryan.Werber []
     57   135 ms   130 ms   132 ms  When.CCIEs.Get.Bored []
     58   146 ms   133 ms   136 ms  CCIE.38168 []
     59   133 ms   133 ms   146 ms  FIN []

  5. Ryan Werber says:

    Thanks for the story guys. is the upstream donor ISP for the PTR Records, however It was all me @ .  You can read how I did it there.

  6. Gtmac says:

    Great easter egg! Clearly not the original theatrical release version though (episode iv). /pedantry

  7. Whoa! That is amazing!!!!
     wtf is a traceroute?

  8. rob_cornelius says:

    And the winner of the internet this week is….

  9. Doran says:

    This is actually why traceroute was invented.

  10. Kirk Comrie says:

    traceroute and ryan werber FTW! :) This made my nerdy heart sing.

  11. I keep getting a REQUEST TIMED OUT message.

  12. Joe Heyming says:

    Has anyone tried this: telnet
    Its got way better graphics ;-)

  13.  Cool! I love this stuff ,thanks!

  14. Looks like it is down or now being blocked.  Worked yesterday afternoon for me.  Enyone else?

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