Couple engrossed in their wireless devices ignore each other (1906)

From A Century of PUNCH Cartoons. (Via Kip W)


  1. I want one of those head mounted antennas RIGHT NOW. Maybe then I’ll be able to pick up a Sprint 4G signal.

    Oh, who the hell am I kidding.

      1. The larger sizes at my flickr page show some readable text — hers of a romantic nature, his equine, as per the caption. (ps: I believe Punch will gladly sell prints of this at their inter-net page. Opinions from friends indicate this may still be in copyright, so I urge one and all to regard this single image as an advertisement for the volume it came from, and for Punch in general.)

    1. It’s OK because the person that uploaded it to Flickr and thereby agreed that they owned the rights to the image, stated the copyright terms in the description. And of course because BB credited the flickr page it’s all Kosher.


      1. Yep, looks like they got that covered. I should have done the same. Do check out the link I provided for the Punch version of Skype (and weep at at the puny size of your screen).  

    1.  What would sexting 1906 style read like?  We HAD a copy of A Century of Punch Cartoons growing up and it was pretty neat, even if I didn’t really understand many of the older cartoons as a kid.

      1. “What would sexting 1906 style read like?”

        “Your bare ankles give me the vapors!”

        Only slightly more seriously that question reminds me of a very funny S.J. Perelman story about how he had a childhood crush on one of his teachers, and would “think of her figure often before falling asleep”.

  2. Please tell me one of you DYI / Make types is going to put together a wireless box that prints out tweets on ticker tape; like the rotary cellphone…

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