This is your fish on drugs: lowered inhibition, antisocial behavior, and munchies


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  1. bo1n6bo1n6 says:


  2. eldritch says:

    Dude! You’re like… a fish!

  3. Hugh Johnson says:

    Wait, fish are getting dosed with benzodiazepines, and I can’t find a bag o’ weed to save my life?
    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  4. mr_bloo_sky says:

    “All of this indicates a growing need for updated water filtration and treatment systems with the ability to capture and contain pharmaceuticals released by humans into the water system.”

    No it doesn’t indicate that. At least not yet. While this is an interesting study, further research is needed, as the researchers are quick to point out.

    Having worked in medical research, we’re almost always quick to say that more research is needed, and most media are quick to ignore that statement and jump to assumptions.

    The researchers used, on purpose, a high dose of the medication to make sure that they got a reaction. They admit that the dose does not reflect what is found in most natural environments, and that wasn’t their point to begin with. They got a reaction, and now the want to do more research to see if they can get the same results at the lower dosages found in more natural environments.

    As of yet, there is not enough research to support your statement. Indeed, that statement is at the heart of the question they’re asking.

    • Thank you.

      I would add that exposure to the drug is only part of the story.  Unless everyone is flushing their meds, and depending on the medication in question, fish would be exposed to the metabolites of the drug rather than the drug in its original state.

      Some medications pass through the human body effectively unchanged, while others are partially or fully broken down by the liver and other organs.  

  5. Outmytree says:

    I want to know who their drug dealer is.

  6. chris jimson says:

    The recent Mother Jones article about the apparent influence of leaded gasoline on the crime rate has reinforced my belief that humans don’t really understand the effect they have on the world or even themselves.   Do we really know how bisphenol-A is changing us?  How about the effect 100 years of streetlights might have had on nocturnal animals?  

  7. koturnin says:

    Oh my god I’m so sorry

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