Watch the DA14 asteroid flyby: live video stream


14 Responses to “Watch the DA14 asteroid flyby: live video stream”

  1. KBert says:

    Boing Boing404: Nope

  2. Nicky G says:

    I guess we lived?

  3. Cowicide says:

    I’m watching it live now, it appears pill-shaped.  Could this be a huge drug capsule being thrown across the galaxy into the waiting mouth of a giant flying spaghetti monster in space?

    And what will this giant beast do once it’s high?

     We’re all gonna die.

  4. KWillets says:

    The ACLU has produced a study showing that video surveillance will not reduce the risk of being killed by an asteroid.

  5. texas cable guy says:

    The “geosynchronous” orbit should have been labeled the “geostationary” orbit.  It’s indeed true that a geostationary orbit is also geosynchronous; however the reverse is not true.  There’s an infinite number of geosynchronous orbits, but only one of them is geostationary.  By extension, there’s an infinite number of geosynchronous orbits that intersect the trajectory of the
    DA14 asteroid.

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