Watch the DA14 asteroid flyby: live video stream

NASA TV at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA is following the Asteroid flyby, and you can watch their live coverage here. The asteroid is about 515,000 miles away from earth right now, and heading towards us. No big deal.

Above: This animated set of three images depicts asteroid 2012 DA14 as seen on Feb. 14, 2013, at a distance of 465,000 miles (748,000 kilometers). (Image credit: LCOGT/Faulkes)


    1. I’m watching it live right now from the Gingin Observatory, Australia cam.  It doesn’t look like it’s getting larger and larger as it streaks across the sky, so I think we’ll survive it.

  1. I’m watching it live now, it appears pill-shaped.  Could this be a huge drug capsule being thrown across the galaxy into the waiting mouth of a giant flying spaghetti monster in space?

    And what will this giant beast do once it’s high?

     We’re all gonna die.

        1. this is as good as any spot to ask: when someone includes an image in this way (which is how exactly?) how do we enlarge it?  for me the image is just linked back to the article top; and i see no other link …whoops now it’s working ‘correctly’ nevermind.

  2. The ACLU has produced a study showing that video surveillance will not reduce the risk of being killed by an asteroid.

  3. The “geosynchronous” orbit should have been labeled the “geostationary” orbit.  It’s indeed true that a geostationary orbit is also geosynchronous; however the reverse is not true.  There’s an infinite number of geosynchronous orbits, but only one of them is geostationary.  By extension, there’s an infinite number of geosynchronous orbits that intersect the trajectory of the
    DA14 asteroid.

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