Amid controversy, CIA's covert drone program may shift further onto Pentagon


12 Responses to “Amid controversy, CIA's covert drone program may shift further onto Pentagon”

  1. Antinous / Moderator says:

    I fully support shifting all our drones onto the Pentagon.  Right on fucking top of it.

  2. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Now that we know that there is no chance of facing any legal consequences for it, we are pleased to announce the transformation of our covert extrajudicial execution apparatus into an overt extrajudicial execution apparatus! Just look at that transparency, just look at it!

  3. grimc says:

    So instead of the White House telling people they can’t have any information, the Pentagon will do it. Teamwork!

  4. Boundegar says:

    This probably has huge ramifications that will send shockwaves up and down the chain of command, but I am a civilian and have no clue.

  5. Chrs says:

    Seriously though, I support this. In part because it may help start to reel back the militarization of the CIA, since that’s about the opposite of what it’s supposed to be doing.  

  6. bkad says:

    I support this as well. It’s the pentagon’s job to kill people (or at least maintain the capability to kill people). There are at least some accountability structures in place, and because military attacks are the natural and open function of a military, I have more faith in military leadership to run these things than a inherently secretive, unaccountable civilian agency whose mission isn’t supposed to include these things to begin with. 

    • Lemoutan says:

      Speaking as a non-USAnian (thus none of our business, except where we become targetizated [dunno why I came over all Bush there - so 'yesterday']) I’d suggest that the military is the last bunch of power-fixated folk you give this to. Give it to the entertainment industry. Game shows, man. Game shows.

  7. Eark_the_Bunny says:

    Any invention has its uses both good and evil.  Evil as in spying on citizens and good like using them to spy on poachers who are slaughtering elephants and rhinos in Africa.  We just have to make sure that this tool is used for good and not evil.  How to do that I am not sure but an effort must be made.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      That which can be used for evil, will be used for evil. As a matter of fact, that which can be used for good will also be used for evil.

  8. Tribune says:

    Next on the CIA Budget, autonomous mobile platforms, that are most definitely not drones despite all outward similarities

  9. Mordicai says:

    “could allow” 
    “in some cases”

    Grim lulz over here.

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