Cancer researcher and advocate Dr. Susan Love, now after her own cancer treatment

“I say this to my daughter, whether it’s changing the world or having a good time, that we should do what we want to do. I drink the expensive wine now.”—Dr. Susan Love, longtime breast cancer researcher and patient advocate, interviewed in the New York Times after completing leukemia treatment. She was diagnosed last year.


  1. Dr Susan Love’s Breast Book was assigned reading where I worked.  We did research and it was an excellent primer for engineers.  Of course the title made you double take.  But it teaches a lot in an easily digestible manner.

    What impressed me the most was the theme of “Don’t Panic.”  In fact, I’ve come to understand the the breast cancer awareness campaigns have done a serious dis-service to women.  Women now disproportionately fear their bodies in comparison to the actual risks.  Breast cancer is serious, but 90+% curable. It is less dangerous than other health risks and other common cancers.

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