Friends Of Hamas


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  1. Michael D says:

    We really need some sort of intelligence filter on who can run for office. It a national shame, the type of people we elect. The Dems aren’t any better, either: remember Rep. Hank Johnson who was afraid that putting more military personnel on Guam would cause the island to tip over?

    • Boundegar says:

      If you look back several years, you can find one example of a Democrat saying something really stupid.  Therefore, “both sides do it equally.”

      • Michael D says:

        Aside from the fact that I didn’t claim equality, Mr. Strawdog, do you really think that there’s only one Democratic Party example?

        • C W says:

          If you’re using false equivalencies to combat the initial claim of false equivalency:

          The point

          (None of this is a defense of “the Dems”.)

        • david pawlyk says:

          “The Dems aren’t any better, either”

          So, the Dems are equal or worse.

          • Michael D says:

            I would, in fact, argue that the group of Democratic voters who re-elected O’Busha  after one term of seeing exactly who he was, are, in deed dumber than Republicans. That’s still not “equal” however.

          • C W says:


            Don’t do this if you want people to take you seriously. Not tone trolling, it just makes everything you say look childish. There are plenty of ways to discuss Centrist/”pragmatic” Dems without resorting to “AmeriKKKa” cutesy lingo.

          • Jamie Norwood says:

            To be fair, a lot of people would have voted against Bush if the alternative hadn’t been every last Republican that ran.

        • wysinwyg says:

           Yeah, you pretty clearly did.  We can still read your comment.

  2. moop2000 says:

    I do love that website design, glorious!

  3. blearghhh says:

    And of course since the “Hagel took money from Friends of Hamas / Person connected to Obama took money from Hamas / Obama is funded by terrorists” meme is much more compelling (to some people) than “Oh, it didn’t actually happen…” it’ll be the one that is remembered a year from now.

  4. Brainspore says:

    The secret is to always add a question mark at the end of any outrageous accusation. i.e. “SECRET SIMIAN? SOURCES REFUSE TO COMMENT ON QUESTIONS OF BEN SHAPIRO’S APE ANCESTRY.”

  5. Chris Hogan says:

    Good to see Breitbart News keeping alive their late namesake’s dedication to well-researched, hard-hitting investigative journalism. Not for them lazy smears and yellow hackery. It is only a shame that the sainted Andrew isn’t here to cheer them on.

    Correction: I meant the opposite of all that. Oops.

  6. C W says:

    Breitbart’s readers believe it all, repeat it sincerely, nothing new since he was alive. Nice to see the Weekend at Bernie’s operation carrying on as planned.

    • I left a comment there once, have been banned a couple of times, and have found it’s impossible to get off of their mailing list.  

      The cognitive dissonance is amazing, any time I check it.  I have literally checked the front-page and seen stories where they vilify the vulgarity of a liberal, and another glorifying Adam Corolla, or stories where commenters rail on Obama for sticking his nose in foreign affairs, while blasting him for not “supporting Israel”.

      EDIT: And of course there’s one recent story talking about how Obamacare is causing California to redefine what a doctor is…and the photo they picked was all minorities…and the author was a white doctor…

      • The comments from the Breitbart believers on that article are comic gold, especially after the comments started rolling in about the whole thing being made up. Some of them doubled-down and only more fiercely defended Shapiro’s reporting. “He cited three sources!”

  7. quietstorms says:

    I can’t wait for the ‘Friends of Ham’ commercial where Marianne Ginther admits she fornicated with a pig.

  8. Ah, yes, Breitbart: where if it’s outrageous and about a liberal, it must be true, and being forced to pay taxes for big government is tyranny, unless a “true conservative” does it, or unless it’s something Israel has demanded the United States do for them.

  9. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    He failed the Israel litmus test it seems.

    More importantly, I’m stealing that puppy swimming gif.

  10. Jamie Kelly says:

    Can I say how much I love that Ben Shapiro wrote a book accusing “the Left” of using fear to silence dissent? The irony, it is delicious.

  11. Facts = gotcha journalism!

  12. smut clyde says:

    a joke privately uttered by Dan Friedman, leaked to and laundered as weasel-worded reality by Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro, and ultimately repeated by top Republicans in an effort to nix Hagel’s nomination.

    The Human Centipede of politics.

  13. Gus Mueller says:

    it seems you can be FRIENDS with Friends of Hamas:

  14. cellocgw says:

    Meanwhile,  BIll Maher’s challenge to The Trump remains potentially true.  (He offered, satirically, $5million US if anyone could prove Trump was not the offspring of an oran-utang.  Trump had a hissy and produced his birth certificate, but duh! it was the short form)

    • C W says:

      Bill Maher isn’t really far enough from Breitbart in rhetoric where I’d be comfortable championing him. What a doucher.

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