The Art of Dead Space: book preview


7 Responses to “The Art of Dead Space: book preview”

  1. Oh hell yes. My favorite thing about this franchise, besides the whole dismemberment thing, is the concept artwork.

  2. duncancreamer says:

    I guess I should get around to playing this series. 

  3. jlargentaye says:

    this artwork really reinforces Dead Space as a spirititual successor to the Alien franchise

  4. Jambe says:

    The concept work is lovely and worth pursuing in its own right, but the series of games isn’t (though opinions may vary). 

    The first outing was nice, but by the third it’s become extremely bland. 3, like 2, is a passable (read: mediocre) action game but is a comically by-the-numbers failure as horror.

  5. robuluz says:

    Referencing Giger quite emphatically in places.

  6. Wiki-Truths says:

    Number 2 was amazing – Is there anywhere I can see turnarounds of the actual 3d monsters? The game is so dark and quick you never really get a good look at them. 

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