Mix by Throbbing Gristle's Chris Carter for Solid Steel radio show


Coldcut's Solid Steel radio show invited BB pal Chris Carter of Throbbing Gristle and Chris & Cosey to spin a set as part of the pioneering program's 25th anniversary celebrations. It's a mind-warping mix:

The Haxan Cloak _ Hounfour (Temple) _ Aurora Borealis
Andy Stott _ Bad Wires _ Modern Love
Roj _ You Are Here _ Ghost Box
Moon Wiring Club _ The Edwardians Begin... _ Gecophonic Audio Systems
Belbury Poly _ Your Stories _ Ghost Box
Tangerine Dream _ Rubycon _ Virgin
Emeralds _ Double Helix _ Editions Mego
SND _ 3 _ Unknown
Demdike Stare _ Mnemosyne _ Modern Love
Emika _ The Long Goodbye _ Ninja Tune
Porn Sword Tobacco _ Thank You _ City Centre Offices
Jon Brooks _ Neap Tide _ Clay Pipe
Ectoplasm Girls _ Before It's Too Late _ Ideal
Rework _ Anyway I Know You _ Playhouse
Vapourspace _ Steam _ Knob
The Fall _ Dr Bucks Letter _ Castle Music
Amon Düül II _ Archangel Thunderbird _ Liberty
Solid Steel


  1. It’s inspiring to hear two music pioneers in their 60s spinning mix sets this late in the game – this gives me hope that when I’m their age I’ll be doing something similar. Most folks their age are hanging out on the golf course or baking cookies. Doing LIVE mixes is definitely a healthy alternative

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