Black Panther torture "trial" audio recording surfaces

New Haven Independent: "In the basement of a New Haven housing co-op, tied to a chair at gunpoint, in a vain effort to save his life, Alex Rackley started giving up names after fellow party members poured pots of boiling water over him. Now you can hear what he said." (via David Carr)


      1. From what I understand, in a US prison if you so much as whisper the word gang you’ll be in solitary confinement for the next 20 years.

        Watched a doc on it a while back – couldn’t believe the non-reasons they had people being subjected to this mental torture for; it was arguably more criminal than what they were imprisoned for in the first place.


        1. I watched a documentary about solitary confinement, and when they interviewed the jailers,  it was just as spooky as the footage of the prisoners. There is no science being used here, it’s all power and revenge fantasies.

          1. That’s the whole justice system in a nutshell IMO (in its current state) in much of the western world. We still have judges making rulings to ‘set an example’ for crying out loud.

    1. The recording is minus the torture.

      I’m assuming that he’s giving them details in this recording because the torture has already taken place. If so he seems remarkably calm considering he’s had boiling water poured over him. Although considering the situation and the gun pointed at his head maybe the adrenaline takes over… I hope I never find out…

      1. Thank you for risking the security of your head space for us. That which has been seen cannot be unseen. That which has been heard cannot be unheard. I’ve had a nasty experience of my own and also have accidentally stumbled across a few internet pictures I wish I hadn’t. The world has more than its fair share of sick fuckers; you, heligo, I feel, are not to be numbered among them. Now go and snuggle your Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat.

      2. Maybe he does sound unusually calm in parts, but overall he sounds absolutely terrified to me and desperate.  A young kid’s voice quivering at times but desperately trying to strongly and clearly say anything…  anything to get them to stop pouring boiling water on him again.

        I hope everyone who supports state-sanctioned torture by the USA listens to this kid’s voice.  They really need to hear it.

  1. I moved to Durham, CT just about two years ago. It’s a stone’s-throw from Middlefield (which is mostly field) and I work just outside of New Haven.

    History has a bit more frisson when it’s in your backyard.

  2. More than a unicorn, I’m afraid. This is one of the most depressing things I’ve read in a long time. Got a restore-a-little-faith-in-humanity chaser?

      1. I don’t get the connection between a group of Black Panthers torturing a presumed “spy” and my government doing it.  Bad people I have no control over do horrible things to other people all the time.  My concern is when my government does it.

        Also, certainly has nothing to do with the previous horrible posting this morning.

        [Edit: video removed and apology given]

        1. I don’t get the connection between a group of Black Panthers torturing a presumed “spy” and my government doing it.

          For one thing, it shows (once again) how fruitless and dangerous torture is as a method for extracting information from people.  You end up with a bunch of lies from a desperate person and a wild goose chase.

          For another, I think it’s a good idea to put American’s noses in what they’ve passively approved their government to do in their names.

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