Inside a nuclear fusion research lab


3 Responses to “Inside a nuclear fusion research lab”

  1. SamSam says:

    So, if I understand you correctly, you’re saying that if you don’t hear from me for a few days then you should assume that I got burnt up in the birth of a new star bursting forth under the sidewalk in Kendall Square.


  2. Hei cool, this sound a litte like the CERN Labs over there in Europe, which is going for a halt for approx. 2 years… renovations and stuph!

  3. Keith Tyler says:

    Cambridge is like that. When I worked at Harvard, I used to get falafel sandwiches from a food truck parked right outside the door to the MIT nuclear reactor (the one made infamous when a night operator got locked out after leaving for dinner break, and his cohort, thus alone in the control room, had fallen asleep).

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