The Glif: quickly mount an iPhone to a tripod

I use my iPhone to shoot video because the quality is excellent and I like the many different inexpensive video apps available for the iPhone (such as stop motion apps). I also like being able to email iPhone videos or upload them to YouTube directly from my phone instead of having to first transfer them to a computer.

The main drawback with using the iPhone to shoot video is that you can’t put it on a tripod — you have to hold it in your hand or precariously lean it against something. The best iPhone mounting solution I’ve found so far is the Glif, a tiny hard-rubber clip with a metal 1/4″-­20 thread that attaches to any tripod mount. Simply slide the iPhone into the Glif’s slot and you’re ready to go. (The Glif was one of the first breakaway hits on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, taking in almost $130,000 more than its $10,000 goal in late 2010.)

The Glif has one other function: it’s a “kickstand” that lets you use your iPhone as a mini-display on your desktop or airplane fold down tray.

If you want to use the Glif when you’re on the move, pay the extra $10 for the Glif Plus, which includes a separate plastic piece that locks your iPhone onto the Glif so there’s no chance of it falling off. - Mark

The Glif


  1. Wasn’t this one of the very first successful kickstarter/indegogo type crowd sourced products?

    Personally, I prefer the Joby GripTight Micro myself. It’s not as secure but it doesn’t become obsolete when you get a new phone and can actually be used on your small cameras as well as your iPhone. As well, the base can be removed to attach the holder to a proper tripod.

  2. I modded an old suction cup mount so I could use the Glif to hold my phone in the car. Works fantastically well.

  3. its a cool design. got one from my sweetie at the holidays. had to return it though, as it likes to pop off screen protectors, regardless of size. fan of the screen protector, more than i was of the glif.

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