Christian dubstep

"Dubstep isn’t going to stop expanding into fresh sub-genres any time soon," writes Vice's Matt Shea. " ... [which] also made it inevitable that, at some point, someone was going to add wub-wubs to The Bible."


    1. Nothing irritates me more than when mainstream anything ventures into the world of EDM and just randomly assigns labels to music because that’s what is cool now.

      1. I have never heard of a cardinal strapped to a priest, but I do know that many clergy desperately want to be cool, and to be accepted by teens who couldn’t give a damn about the Bible.  The results are predictable.

        1. The school priest at my high school drove a jeep.  In England.  He was excellently cool, and maintained a steady, charismatic and understated dignity that earned him immense respect.

          [he was Church of England – protestant – they’re just a bit less prone these days to nasty legal cases]

  1. Reminds me a little of some of the freaky Christian music that came out of the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, like the several-part motets that featured multiple texts being sung at the same time, sometimes in different languages. Or the freakshow composer Gesualdo, who not only composed some of the richest, densest chromatic music before Wagner, but also murdered his adulterous wife and her lover. Gesualdo is the subject of a gripping Werner Herzog documentary titled “Death in Five Voices.”

  2. Christian music for many decades has just been aping whatever’s popular, like popular Country is 5-10 year old pop. So of course this was inevitable. I was thinking this was faster than normal, but dubstep’s kind of old now.

  3. More auto-tuned nonsense, at least on the one I listened to for about 45 seconds.  is there no one left who can actually sing?

  4. Dubstep isn’t going to stop expanding into fresh sub-genres

    Isn’t dubstep a sub-genre to begin with when it really comes down to it?

    Dubstep is a sub-genre of Drum and Bass which is in turn a sub-genre of Techno.  Oh well, I guess calling it a “new” genre will keep the kids happy, so carry on.

    Now here’s some Drumstep that’s not Dubstep.  Is Drumstep a new genre too, kids? Or is there not enough “womp” to make it a “new” genre?

    /get off my lawn

    1. I classify Drum and Bass as a sub-genre of Jungle, with Techno being it’s own branch of EDM.

      Most “new” genres are a combination of two or more older genres anyway.  IMO that sounds a lot like brostep (the more current version of dubstep, wub wub, like Skrillex) with a more jungle flavor.

      1. Most “new” genres are a combination of two or more older genres anyway.

        Which is why they should really be called sub-genres instead of genres.

  5. We have been featuring Christian Electronica on the station since it started in 1999, (along with all other faiths), and it is certainly not a new thing.   There are thousands of artists in the archives here, of this variety.  Their faith is one of the main inspirations for many artists, and is not an excuse for exclusion, so we play them, too, along with music by the artists which do not yet know or believe in love.

    1. “along with music by the artists which do not yet know or believe in love.”

      why would you ever think that non-christian artists do not know love or believe in love?

      that is ridiculous.  you can both know and believe in love without thinking it comes from some imaginary magical invisible prick.

      1. Why would you think that I think non-Christian artists do not know love or believe in love?

        I think you were perhaps trying to read something into my comment about nothing being new in Christian electronica, and are looking for some religious person to accost to argue stuff. Whatever your beliefs are, are fine by me, but I was making no such suggestion you assert.

        Some artists know God, and sing about love, and others do not know love, and sing about other things besides God, and if it sounds good, I’m playing it, no matter what anyone may believe or not.

        1. nope. read it just fine.

          you clearly stated that you play artists of faith along with those who do not yet know or believe in love.

          singling about and knowing love has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with believing in God.  In your reply you continue to conflate the two unrelated things, which was my entire point.  period.

          no need to play the persecution card, it is and always has been a false hand.

  6. Except for faiths where there is more than one God…

    I’m convinced you’ve never spoken to a person of another faith, unless you mean Catholics.

    I will say Christian Dubstep isn’t any worse than Christian rock. Which is to say both are horrible to my ears (though for the dubstep that’s pretty much all of it).

  7. i see you don’t understand “give it a rest”.  since you insist on eliciting a reply here is my response:

    how can you say i incorrectly assume something in one breath, then go on to make the *exact* argument that i “incorrectly assume” in the next 3 breaths.  that comes across as very dishonest and two-faced, which i’m sure you do not intend.

    Your attempt to publicly paint a target on me is very “unchristian” of you and shameful and a poor “testimony”.  It is poor behavior for anyone regardless of belief.  What no turning the other cheek?  It also demonstrates a lack of understanding of the internet, my domain link is already attached to every comment and my public disqus record. No, I do not promote my business here or anywhere, I am way too busy as it is.  I do not hide my opinions, everything is public for anyone to see.  My clients use me for the exceptional quality of my work, not for my personal opinions.  As a professional I keep those out of my work.

    My point was and still is, all people know love.  Atheists know love.  Buddhists know love.  It is a human emotion and not tied to any deity of any faith, contrary to your continued assertions.  No other faith other then judeo christianity claims it is the sole quality of their deity alone, you are quite mistaken about that assumption.  Like many christians you mistakenly attribute christian concepts to other belief systems incorrectly.  Your passive-aggressive grouping of people into two categories, those of faith and those that do not yet know love is all i was replying to.  I find that sort of assumption deplorable and an insult to the vibrant, rich, varied, human tapestry that I love and appreciate.

    Your assumption that I’ve never spoken to a person of faith is ridiculous and couldn’t be further from the truth.  When I was at university in Chicago I actually completed the entire comparative religions and theology courses at the neighboring Wheaton College, the most prestigious christian collage in the world.  I find religion fascinating to study as a relic of the prescience eras, especially the two with the most to offer the modern world, buddhism and the vedic traditions.

    None of the linked to examples are actually DubStep.  As someone who knows music you should already know this.  It isn’t just that they sound horrible.  That was not my point and a discussion i do not care to enter into, though, why even bring it up?

    I do not suggest filtering your music based on the personal beleifs of the artists, nor would i ever suggest such a thing the idea is reprehensible.  If it were my station I’d filter the music based on quality, and not play music that was subpar or “horrible to the ears”, but that is me, what you do is up to you.

    Your comments about persecution are way off base, I said you are NOT being persecuted.  I guess you really really didn’t understand that one…as you said.

    Also, far be it from me to tell you how to live your digital life, but since you ARE actively representing your business and your faith, I’d consider not stooping to personal attacks and trying to smear people’s businesses based on misconceptions and not being able to understand what they are saying.

    As far as I’m concerned we’ve addressed this as much as is required.  There is no need for either of us to get into things any further.

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