Defendant in Maine Zumba prostitution case deleted emails, say police

A man charged with helping a Zumba instructor develop an uncharacteristically profitable Zumba operation is accused of deleting emails from his computer that may have amounted to damning evidence. [Associated Press]


    1. You know that electronic communications don’t count since they didn’t exist when that was written.

    1. It’s a terrible summary by boingboing. He’s `accused’ of it in the informal sense, i.e. the prosecution and police are making a stink about it in the media to explain their complete lack of evidence and/or to slander the defendant. They are not claiming it is a crime. The actual charge is “promoting prostitution.”

  1. Coincidentally, The defendants hard drive was the piece of evidence that may have been mis-handled:
    I wonder who has the movie rights for this case – it has everything… 

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