Lemuria found, reports Sid Perkins: "The drowned remnants of an ancient microcontinent may lie scattered beneath the waters between Madagascar and India, a new study suggests." [Nature]

12 Responses to “"Lost" continent found under Indian ocean”

  1. Hope the Lemurians managed to evacuate in time…

    • B E Pratt says:

       Well, they did, but those silly Lemurians just went to Atlantis and you know how THAT turned out. They probably made it too heavy or tipped it over or something.

    • retepslluerb says:

      They did. At least in Perry Rhodan dime novels, where they are acknowledged as the main ethnic group responsible for settling large parts of the Milky Way and Andromeda. 

  2. chris jimson says:

    “an island or archipelago about three times the size of Crete”

    Oh. . . so that’s a “microcontinent”?

  3. That ain’t Lemuria.

    If I were you, I’d get busy brushing up on my bas-relief skills and trawling antique shops for certain idols that appear to be made of greenish soapstone.

  4. euansmith says:

    “Ray ‘Crash’ Corrigan and the Zircons of Lost Lemuria”

  5. SamSam says:

    By Jingo!

  6. agonist says:

    Rock climbing, Joel. Rock climbing.

  7. jan angevine says:

    Talk about an off-shore option!

  8. jtegnell says:

     I may be that Alchemy was locked away after the four lighthouses were extinguished.

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