CDZA: "The Beatles Argument."

CDZA Opus No. 19: "Anger, frustration, forgiveness, revenge: communicated in 17 Beatles songs." Subscribe to their wonderful weekly musical experiments here. (thanks, Joe Sabia!)


  1. Very cute. It’s not exactly Cirque Du Soliel’s “LOVE” – but cute
    The camera constantly circling the table is a bit troubling.

    PS – wonder if the creators of this video are aware of the film “Across the Universe”
    which strings together dozens of Beatles songs and lyrical fragment? It’s one
    of the better Beatles remix/mashup/re-tellings I’ve seen and almost too clever
    for its own britches

    The failed movie “All This And World War Two” from the mid-70s also did this sort of
    “Beatle splicing” to form a somewhat cohesive narrative

    PSS – The Troubadour Players in Los Angeles (The Troubies) also do this sort of thing
    to great comic effect. They generally mix themed pop music over Shakespearian plays,
    and “FLEETWOOD MACBETH” – etc. Good musical satire is hard to find.

    1. Speaking as someone who tries to commit it, from time to time: Good musical satire is hard, period.

  2. Not one of their more successful attempts.

    I think my biggest gripe is that it makes very little use of CDZA’s musical strengths. But also, by throwing us directly into the argument it gives us very little reason to care about it; I find I don’t particularly want to know or listen to either of these people.

  3. Its not surprising that songs which were written as part of an argument could be used for an argument.

  4. A world where people communicate only through snippets of Beatles songs?  Never have I seen a more horrifying conception of Hell!

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