Terrific new biography of Li'l Abner creator Al Capp


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  1. dmabury says:

    I grew up near Dogpatch USA, located in a hollow on beautiful Highway 7 south of Harrison, Arkansas. It closed in 1993 and is much missed. Great photos of the abandoned park here:  http://www.undergroundozarks.com/gallery/dogpatch

  2. Grant Young says:

    For awhile he had his studio next to our house on Beacon Hill as I was growing up.  We used his Lincoln Continental as third base in our street ball games.  He was fairly nice to us kids and tolerated us messing around with the windows of his car. This was before he went all conservative and hippie punching.  (Gosh, maybe that was our fault.) Never was much of a fan on Lil Abner, but it was a very influential comic for its time.  

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