Man shot by dog?


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  1. PhosPhorious says:

    Guns don’t kill people.  Dogs with guns kill people.

  2. skabob says:

    Activate pedant powers:  .380 ACP = 9mm x17 = 9mm Kurz.  SO IT WAS BOTH!

  3. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    It was that dog’s constitutional right to have a gun.  Plus he thought he was defending himself against a car invader.  He was just standing his ground.  Woof!

  4. Jellodyne says:

    You left out the one word which would have made this story make sense. “Florida”

  5. Xof says:

    If only there had been a good dog with a gun to defend him from the bad dog with a gun.

  6. i for one welcome our new rover-lords.

  7. jarrodhenry says:

    I’ve got a feeling that this was the excuse the guy used to avoid negligent gun charges for having a loaded weapon in the car without a permit.  And the sheriff nudgenudgewinkwinked it away.  

    • Robert Moore says:

      Actually, in Florida (and in many other states) you are ALWAYS allowed to have a loaded weapon in your car without a permit. You can even have it concealed without a permit so long as it isn’t concealed on your person and it is what is called “securely encased” (requiring a snap or a zipper or a flap to be undone before you get to it).

      Florida Fun Facts!

  8. Stooge says:

    Come on, Jason! It’s been over an hour and you still haven’t followed this up with woman shot by oven.

  9. MrJM says:

    And the dog was actually a child and the truck was really a futon.

  10. ludd says:

    …or are you just happy to see me?

  11. Preston Sturges says:

    I walked into a gun store/range where the owner was chewing out an employee for renting a 10 mm gun to user and loading it with 9 mm ammo.  Nobody was injured, but I think the shell case split.

  12. Funk Daddy says:

    If anyone out there has twitter, you should probably follow @_FloridaMan. I don’t click the links, it’s enough to read a dozen of the tweets in a row. 

    Florida Man is almost always barefoot, sometimes naked, usually stealing, often armed, mostly intoxicated on any substance you can think of, regularly reaches out to police for help, (they usually club Florida Man then arrest him) equal parts desperate, sad, befuddling. 

    He has poor relationships with just about anything, women, men, domestic animals, wild animals, trucks, food, innumerable inanimate objects, but mostly his self. He will attempt to have sex with anything.

    He often is trying to leave Florida but rarely manages to do so and is often jailed if he does.

    Poor guy, but it makes you think doesn’t it? It makes me think “Why do some people think Florida is a destination?” or “If I ever need someone to eat a bag of meth, I hope I’m in Florida” and “Of course I would be in Florida if I needed that” followed by “There but for the grace of Gosh go I… no not under any circumstances not even in my disturbed youth” 

    @_FloridaMan,  one stop shopping for feeling better about yourself, you life and most everything in it.

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