28 socialist hairstyles meet North Korean approval

Maggie Kuo and Charlie Storrar: "Kim Jong-un's own 1990s grunge style is curiously not among them." [wantchinatimes.com]


    1. Well that and the starvation, the gunpoint propaganda, the censoring of everything, work camps, and so forth.

  1. Actually, I think this shows the People’s Democracy in a rosy light.  I’d have figured for the boys, buzzcut only.  For the ladies, buzzcut.  Bar the people they show on TV.

    Ladies 13-17 look downright long and impractical.

  2. Those photos are from @dguttenfelder’s Instagram stream. He’s in North Korea and his pics are fascinating.

  3. That’s 28 more than I’ve ever actually seen.

    And in the land of the one-hair-doed, the eraserhead is apparently king.

  4. It people weren’t starving or being imprisoned for not loving Dear Leader enough, this would all seem some elaborate comedy sketch by Second City or something.

  5. There’s the ever popular, “Let’s trim our hair on accordance with the socialist lifestyle.”


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