"Preserved" plushies in jars


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  1. 10xor01 says:

    Free Kermit!

  2. trackofalljades says:

    Does anyone else remember the Bonsai Kitten meme? Does the site even still exist?

    I’ll never forget how absolutely INCENSED one of my coworkers became at the time over it, she was completely convinced it was real and freaked out all day about it.

    • Gilbert Wham says:

       Bonsai Kitten was fantastic. There’s bits of it on the Internet Archive. It is STILL as effective to troll people with (I like to use the fact it’s only got a few pages on there now to add verisimilitude (‘Yeah, they got forced to pull the site, that’s why you can only see it here’). Like shooting fish in a barrel…

  3. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    We can pickle that!

  4. awjt says:

    This is the saddest thing I have seen in a week.  :-(

  5. Heartfruit says:

    I saw that exhibit when it was at the National Gallery of Canada when we were in Ottawa around the millennial New Years.  We spend a huge amount of time going from jar to jar to see if we recognized each stuffed animal.

  6. Bradley Robinson says:

    I’m uncertain whether to find this incredible or disturbing.

    Perhaps both.

  7. mtdna says:

    That is totally fuc**d. I love it!

  8. Stefan Jones says:

    It would be fun to put little electronic gizmos in with them, so they can periodically twitch, or mumble help meeeee . . . let me die!

  9. HOTDAMN says:


    Reminds me of Mike Kelly.

  10. Possibly inspired by the rather unpleasant carny tradition of the “pickled punk”:

  11. Eugene Singh says:

    I have a “Baby Kermit” like that one.

  12. David says:

     Baxter& (pronounced “baxterand”) is actually his legal name.

  13. welcomeabored says:

    Jars of “preserved” plushies lined up on shelves behind me as I open up the door for little trick-or-treaters.   Oooooh yeeeeeah.

  14. Petzl says:

    They’ll never get dusty.

  15. bill_mcgonigle says:

    It says distilled water on the site, but I doubt that would stay clear for very long.  Any recommendations for a preservative that would be compatible with the stuffed animal fibers?

  16. Derek Ham says:

    The originator of Picked Pets was a artist called Ryan Exidore, based in Glasgow, Scotland, He developed and exhibited Picked Pets in 1997 and was even on the UK’s Big Breakfast TV show being interviewed about them. Unfortunately he’s no longer around…
    Please see the attached article from the Glasgow Evening Times (May 1997).

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