Bradley Manning's statement


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  1. Mordicai says:

    That sounds…like the correct tactic to take?

    Any word on, you know, Manning’s illegal detainment & cruel & unusual treatment?  Which frankly scares me way more than any internal gossip being “leaked” to journalists?

    • Jeff Peake says:

      >>Any word on, you know, Manning’s illegal detainment & cruel & unusual treatment?

      I believe the court agreed to knock off 100 days of any potential sentence, due to his prolonged pre-trial confinment.

      I suspect no other remedies will be offered.

      The fact that the US government, who has been torturing and killing detainees for years, finds no problems with Mannings treatment is bad enough as it is.  But the fact that most US citizens seem to feel like its perfectly OK is what bothers me.


      • Mordicai says:

        So, “hey we totally illegally jailed you, but since we already know we’re going to decide you are guilty, we’ll just take it off the back end!”

        Great, great!

        • Lobster says:

           I don’t mean to be “that guy,” but…  He DID exfiltrate classified documents.  If he didn’t, then what’s all the fuss about?

          • Mordicai says:

            I mean, it is one thing for you & me to say he’s “totes guilty” or whatever, but the government is supposed to have a trial in which you are presumed innocent before they decide you are guilty. It is kind of important.

          • Lobster says:

             Yeah, he definitely should be tried.  If he’s as guilty as the government makes him out to be then it shouldn’t even take very long.

          • Mordicai says:

            Well, it probably won’t even take very long even if he’s not. This whole thing has been conducted pretty disgracefully, from a justice standpoint– & again, I’m not a kneejerk defender of Manning, just you know, someone concerned with liberty & due process.

  2. History will show this man to be a true hero – Truth Wins!

    • and he just brought espionage to a new purpose (informing the public rather than concealing the truth).  we should start calling it sexfiltrating to make it sound almost as cool as it is.

  3. onefancydana says:

    Breanna Breanna Breanna Breanna Breanna Breanna Breanna Breanna !

  4. Lobster says:

    Endless respect that even after all this, he hasn’t cracked.  Or she.  That isn’t what’s important here.

  5. Woody Smith says:

    I hope everyone has heard Graham Nash’s and James Raymond’s splendid song about Bradley, “Almost Gone.”  It’s as powerful as anything else CS&N has ever done, and great music.  It’s on their latest 2012 tour album and DVD. And it’s here:

  6. FrakSnark says:

    We have to speak up.

    How many votes do we have on a Manning petition? If Obama will respond to unlocked cell phones…

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