Toy Story Zoetrope

Stumbled across this while poking around Disney's California Adventure. Woody does a nice job of describing how the zoetrope works. It is beautiful.


  1. There’s some temporal aliasing in the video, but it’s not as bad as I’d feared.

    1. I think that this is the effect of the flashing lights being at 18 per second and the camera filming 25 frames per second. There’s a mis-match in what the camera is taking pictures of and what the human eye would have been “taking pictures” of.

    1. Or teach people how to shoot a video… sideways.

      I wold be delighted if all phone video cameras refused to record if they weren’t in landscape mode, or just used the central 1/3 of the image in landscape mode if they were being held upright.

    2. In fairness, this is one of the few situations where holding the camera vertically is entirely justified. The iPhone’s rolling shutter would have resulted in horribly distorted images if it had been shot horizontally.

      1.  Oh, I’m not being (very) petty about the angle, I just think if you’re going to have the video in portrait format, the player should make the best use of it.

      1. Across the street and down a bit from the hot dog place or Mad Tea Party depending on the direction your walking. Or better yet, ask a CM, they will point the way.

  2. Saw this as part of the Pixar exhibit at the Oakland Museum in 2010, it creates a wonderful waking hallucination! And it’s pretty big. 

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