Elfquest: "Great Sun"

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By Wendy and Richard Pini

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Published 4:50 am Mon, Mar 4, 2013

About the Author

Conceived in the heat of creativity early 1977. Born in the throes of Ypsilantean adversity on February 28, 1978. Entering that long golden afternoon even now.

17 Responses to “Elfquest: "Great Sun"”

  1. kantis says:

    Aaagh! A cliffhanger! It’s going to be both a frustrating and a fun week trying to guess what they saw in the last panel…

  2. Emby Quinn says:

    Oh , for Freefoot’s sake…like waiting a week between pages wasn’t torture enough already. XD

    Still, gotta say..the first panel, with Leetah and Korafaye, was priceless. Korafaye is obviously learning the joys of being spoiled by Grandma.

  3. capnmarrrrk says:

    So what’s the story about the Final Quest? The prologue is being run here weekly, what format will the main story be, and when will it be ready to go? The tease is KILLING ME!

  4. David Miz says:

    OK, my guess is that the Palace-pod is picking up on Leetah’s thought and is going to sweep them off to the remains of the Sun Village, before Skywise can stop it.

    • Francois Labarbarie says:

      Quite likely. But is it not strange that Skywise looks like he does not feel something strange happening during the “flight”? He seems to think they go straight to the Palace. I expect he would have felt a wrong direction.

      Maybe they did indeed reach the palace, and that something simply surprised them when they arrived. I begin to be suspicious when clues are given too freely, Wendy and Richard like to lure us into obvious and false conclusions ;)

  5. Well, at least they look suprised, not horrified!

    • Francois Labarbarie says:

      Do they? I would not be so sure. They do not look pleased either.

      Considering their unexpected destination is the Sun Village place, what do you reckon remains of it? It has been eons since they left, there would only be ruins. Worse if any humans figured how to reach the place (again, if you consider canon the Sun Village war stories).

      I suddenly have a vision of a Troll village… Don’t ask why, I have no idea…

  6. yoc says:

    “good… not perfect.”

    • Francois Labarbarie says:

       Yep, that should have sound like a warning! Not that we do not trust Skywise to “drive” the egg. But this vessel is obviously very sensible to any thoughts from elves within. That’s a nice plot, I am delighted by what Wendy and Richard are crafting under our very eyes :)

  7. Quibbler says:

    Why are the bottom panels in NTSC color?

    • David Miz says:

      The bottom panels are from the interior of the Palace-pod, which emits a pale, glowing rainbow of colors, which is causing the effect you’re referring to.

  8. argh, this damn waiting. it kills me :(

  9. Oh, you have got to be kidding me…

  10. KaileyC says:

    Complaints aside about the wait, that is a precious picture in the first panel of Leetah and her baby granddaughter.

  11. Sarah Dial says:

    She was thinking about how Dewshine had to tether Windkin. I have to wonder if that in the back of her mind sent the pod looking for Windkin?