Our lady of telephones

Image: Goddess of phone calls, from x-ray_delta_one's photostream. Artist: Alonzo Earl Foringer (American, 1878-1948) an illustrator based in New Jersey.

A quick Google reveals that this piece was known as (or was part of) "The Industry Series," an oil on board illustration (24" x 36") which was at one point owned by the Estate of Charles Martignette.

Who could she have been talking to? I have one idea.

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    1. Typically this was the sort of thing you’d see at the top of a big old stock certificate.  I guess the Treasury Department quality engraving was to prevent counterfeiting.

      This one is tame – a lot of them featured the conceit of bare-boobed-blondes-as-classical-art themes.

    1.  I’m not sure how that scroll is staying her lap, because she is clearly sitting in a gale force wind.

  1. Our Lady of Perpetual Gossip?

    Our Lady of the Tubes?

    Saint Lily of Information? Just one moment please, Mr. FuhBuckley.

  2. So that’s why so many people use their phones at inappropriate times: their religion demands it! ;-)

    On a serious note, awesome painting!

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