To do at SXSW: "And I Am Not Lying"

Jeff Simmermon tells Boing Boing,
A few years ago, you guys blogged about my zombie robot Elvis bust - thought you guys would appreciate this poster I made out of it to promote 'And I Am Not Lying' (the live show inspired by my blog) at SXSW this year. The show itself features bullwhip & lasso artistry, burlesque, standup comedy, and storytelling by folks from The Moth and This American Life. We're doing two this year - one for badgeholders and one for the general public.

Sunday March 10th for SXSW badge holders, 7:30 door- 8pm Show.
Monday March 11th open to the public, 7:30 door- 8pm Show.

And, as always, people who want to learn more can read this post on my blog.


  1. Eh, sounds great but can’t afford. Hell, I am having difficulties getting to any part of SXSW because I live at ground zero and haven’t quite been able to get past the venue next door with the free booze…..Wheeeeee!

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