Melting hosiery

German fashion brand URB sells a series of "melting" hosiery -- tights and socks -- that appear to be running down your legs.

URB — Home (via Kadrey)


    1. Red melted wax down the inner thigh would be the version remaining truest to the spirit of Leigh Bowery’s costume designs, which I believe to be the inspiration for this “legwear.” The intent of his work was to shock cultural arbiters by challenging sexual and gender norms.

      I’ve been photographing candles melted on top of candles lately, and I knew I’d hit on something familiar but couldn’t quite place it, until I remembered the photo below and similar work by Leigh Bowery.

      He’s really quite amazing. These tights, ehh, I don’t know. They almost seem like a mass-produced Halloween costume, and that’s hardly in the spirit of Leigh’s gender-challenging work.

      1. I think they’re visually interesting and appealing in that (aesthetic) sense. I think this regardless of whether there was an interesting intellectual basis for their creation.

        I’m not sure if they’re mass-produced, but mass-production isn’t (in and of itself) an ethical problem.

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