Happy Pi Day. Who wants some Pi?

A mathematically bountiful Pi Day to you. Miles OBrien forwards this snapshot, taken just now in the PBS NewsHour kitchen by Colleen Shalby. Rebecca Jacobson baked them. I'm sure they're π-licious.


  1. How come there are only 2 pies there in that pic?  What is this, rounded-down e day or Feigenbaum’s day or something?

  2.  I’m always surprised by Pi day being 14th March. I always expect it to be 22nd September, 22/7.

    1.  I assume Pi Day originated in the US, where we record dates as Month/Day, instead of the other way around (like the rest of the world). 

  3. 22nd of July is the alternative pi day for the day/month/year parts of the world.

  4. I cheated: our blueberry pie had the pi cut out….it was the vent hole in the crust.  Easy peasy.

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