The Hippie Papers: Trip-Taking, Mind-Quaking, Scene-Making Word from Where it's at (1968)

De rigueur paperback cover in 1968. NSFW blogpost in 2013!

Wikipedia entry on Jerry Hopkins:

He is best known as the co-author (with Danny Sugerman) of No One Here Gets Out Alive (1980), the definitive biography of Jim Morrison of The Doors, which was a key source for Oliver Stone's film about the band. He has written nearly 30 books about music, food and travel, including three volumes on Elvis Presley. He has also written for Rolling Stone (where he was a contributing editor for 20 years), The Village Voice, GQ and numerous other publications. His most recent book as of December 2007 is an oral history of Don Ho. Since the early 1990s he has lived in Thailand.

The Hippie Papers: Notes from the Underground Press

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  1. I don’t think anybody was reading the Hippie Papers at work in 1968, not unless they were a night watchmen or something.  

  2. I really don’t get this; if Cosmo & Vogue covers are OK in the break-room, what’s wrong with cute hippie-chicks? At least she looks real and beautiful. Christ, I’m so glad I don’t work in an office any more. Their relentless bullshit did used to make me stabby…

      1. And it’s all about not rocking the boat. And they’re still scared of the half-century ago sixties.

    1. The office bullshit extends into their suburban homes, directed at their poor suburban kids.

      By all means, have a copy of Fifty Shades lying around.
      But Yellow Submarine?  God forbid, it’s a dirty hippie movie, there’s drugs (shudder) in it.  Just a little FYI:  there aren’t any drugs in Yellow Submarine.

      Pathetic, isn’t it?

  3. The only thing I’ve read by Hopkins was Elvis: The Final Years, a riveting story of excess and paranoia. Too bad it’s out of print, he’s a great writer.

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