"The Rumor," a lithograph by A. Paul Weber


5 Responses to “"The Rumor," a lithograph by A. Paul Weber”

  1. swankgd says:

    Hmm, did Whedon draw some inspiration from this?!

  2. miasm says:

    all wagging tongues and peering eyes.
    I’ve previously heard people refer to runaway social processes as ‘behemoths’ but have never been able to find a school of thought that makes use of that particularly nomenclature.
    Perhaps they were just referring to the scope of the particular runaway processes in question but I’ve always imagined something like this and thought it was quite an appropriate monicker.

  3. thecleaninglady says:

    How… relevant.

  4. Kenneth Camargo Jr. says:

    Looks like MC Escher meets Harvey Kurtzman…

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