Muzzle-suppressor shot glasses

A mere $200 gets you this pelicanoid case with four of Muzzleshot's muzzle-suppressor-shaped shot-glasses, machined from solid aluminum and covered in a matte black anodized finish.

Muzzleshot (via OhGizmo)


  1. Hmm, when I was a kid, we had some anodized aluminum tumblers.  I still remember the metallic taste they imparted to everything.  Hopefully they’ve fixed that by now, and for $50 a shot.

  2. Well now, there ain’t nothin’ much finer than drinkin’ from somethin’ that reminds you of the power of your own personal arsenal of death-dealin’ hardware, now is there!?

    Could I also fix it to the end of my (insert your own preferred instrument of self-defence/assault/penis-substitute here.) ?

    1. A gun = penis dig? You must’ve really earned that B- in your community college psychology class.

    1.  Flash suppressor is a perfectly legit term for it. Muzzle suppressor, on the other hand, isn’t (there’s flash and sound suppressors, which work differently).

    1. billet alloy, machined, small production run – PVD coating probably done by 3rd party – $200 about right.

        1. In fact, there’s a video of a guy who did print one and demonstrated that it lasted over 600 shots!

  3. Not really sure that putting a flash suppressor (or something that looks like it) in your mouth/up to your face is necessarily a good idea.  Particularly when drinking heavily…

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