Citizens who helped find killer cop denied reward

Ken Layne, writes that the authorities have denied the rewards promised to those who helped them find cop-killer Christopher Dorner. [The Awl]

Three brave heroes who survived their encounters with Dorner have since claimed the reward, but the stingy governments and groups who offered the money now refuse to pay because Dorner somehow didn't survive an army of cops roasting and demolishing the mountain cabin he holed up inside for his last stand.

After the LAPD's gung-ho public rampage in search of Dorner, a final insult to the people they ostensibly serve seems entirely appropriate. Update: Commenter Ethan points out, though, that the LAPD itself is planning to honor reward offers: "It's the city of Riverside that withdrew the reward. Irvine is still planning to pay it out as is LA. The LAPD Deputy Chief said it would be disingenuous to deny the reward because Dorner was killed."