Kalashnikov made of bones

New Zealand artist Bruce Mahalski has put a new sculpture of an AK47 assembled from animal bones up for sale, with a starting bid of NZD3500. It's quite a beautiful piece of work.

The latest bone gun by New Zealand bone artist – Mahalski – is a life-size AK47 machine gun(330mm x 940mm) featuring found animal bones from rabbit, stoat, ferret, sheep, hawk, pheasant, wallaby, snapper, snake, blackbird, tarakihi, hedgehog, broad-billed prion , shear water, thrush, seal ,cat and possum (plus part of a skull from the extinct moa ). The gun is made entirely of bones mounted on an invisible wooden frame and is displayed standing upright on two rods on a piece of recycled matai timber (1130mm x 2000mm). You can see more pictures at - www.mahalski.org

KALASHNIKOV - AK47 (LIFE-SIZE REPLICA) Brand new item (Thanks, Bruce!)


  1. Just what the world needs. More sculptured weapons made from dead, fossilized sea creatures. I’m sorry, but couldn’t the artist have made something a little more uplifting out of all those shells?  

    1. Which of those animals did you think was a shellfish? Heck, there are only two fish in that list!

  2. Several artists assemble sculpture from gun parts. Have any of them built a skeleton from them yet? It might make a fitting companion piece.

  3. Warning: artist statement below

    Like a sympathetic magician I hope that by possessing an animals bone a little bit of its life force will rub off onto me.

  4. You would have to carry it home in checked luggage. The TSA would confiscate it without question. Customs, however, might not even notice it.

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