Owner reunited with camera she lost in Hawaii after it washes up on Taiwan beach 6 years later


16 Responses to “Owner reunited with camera she lost in Hawaii after it washes up on Taiwan beach 6 years later”

  1. DrMedicine says:

    She should list it on ebay, get like 20 bucks for an A520

  2. derek prowse says:

    Yes, but who made the waterproof housing?  

  3. brucearthurs says:

    And, in an ideal world, the last picture in the camera is of a giant squid.

  4. Bob Shaw says:

    Did the camera still work?

  5. noah django says:

    this was local news two nights ago, which I caught only because my show ended and this was the *lead* story.  yep, that squirrel can waterski etc.

    Because I have a rain machine specifically built for parades (as Nash Rambler said in a different thread,) I wonder if the woman in question hadn’t been a pretty blonde white lady how much interest China Airlines would have in the publicity of giving her an all-expense-paid trip to China.  which they’re giving her, btw.  yeah, I know, sour grapes :/  there’s nothing wrong with it, I’m just cynical.

  6. autark says:

    Kind of amazing that 6 years on we still have the technology to read the surely obsolete media used in that ancient camera.

  7. Canon needs to start making those cases again, damm six years floating in the ocean and the camera looks brand new.  Thats a good tight seal.  Props to china airlines for having a great employee.  Of course the camera is almost worthless because of its age.

    • graywh says:

      I’m guessing the second picture is before.

      Edit: Nevermind, the dents would suggest otherwise. That’s some case.

    • ultramoderate says:

      “…the camera is almost worthless because of its age.”

      Really?  Maybe in resale terms.  4 megapixels can make decent-sized prints and are entirely sufficient for web images.  I still use my 7-year old A620 in some situations, despite its obsolescence.

  8. dayhat says:

    Only Melville Underwater Cameras record pictures of giant squid.

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