Magma Stainless Steel Grill


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  1. mzed says:

    These are very common on boats.  You can mount it to the rail and hang the grill over the water.  They’re a little expensive, but have a ton of mounting options and work well.

    • tomrigid says:

      The boat model is five times more expensive and it’s called a gri’c’sle. Otherwise it’s exactly the same.

      • Preston Sturges says:

         Insanely expensive

      • ryuthrowsstuff says:

        Yeah there are some “insanely expensive” ones out there regardless of where they mount. But I’ve gotten grills meant to mount on a boat (usually using a fishing pole holder) for less than $50. My parents had one that ran ~$120 which isn’t so bad. 

  2. glatt1 says:

    Hmm.  Not sure if it’s true on this model VW or just on the models a couple years earlier, but there were fuel vapor breather system hoses routed just on the other side of that vent a few inches above this burning grill.  Seems like this would be better off mounted on the front bumper. 

  3. Petzl says:

    I set the grill up and have dinner cooking while I’m en route to my destination. 

    It’s also fun pulling up to gas stations with the grill attached.  Makes the cowardly attendants jumpy for some reason.

    • Preston Sturges says:

       I used to haul my big Webber to big picnics by lashing it to the folding bike rack attached to the truck of my Fox.

      Drivers on the interstate thought that was pretty amusing

  4. hyljelyhje says:

    Looks like a great way to ruin your paintwork, or am I missing something here?

  5. This looks like a great feature, but right away, it seemed from the picture pretty unstable to me, anchored on a rod with a clamp like that. I could see the entire thing capsizing easily. On the other hand, I can’t think of a way that would make it easy to level it on that hinge. Maybe have more grooves cut into the rod and a toothed clamp. ANyhoo.

  6. vonbobo says:

    Do you have mounting brackets for a cooler and chair too?

    I think it’s an interesting solution, it is a better height than than putting a table top model on the ground. But I wonder if this is more about gearing up the westy.

    • jason47 says:

      you can mount the grill on any flat surface or they also have a deck socket for table top surface mount. If you attach it to side of the cooler is works well but front or back will tip the cooler over

  7. Hugh Stimson says:

    Not a BBQ replacement, but as a cheap enhancement to the Westy’s built-in we’ve had big success packing a couple of these Korean-made butane stoves:

    Cheaply bought in Chinatown, dead simple to operate, canisters are short-lived but cheap. Set them up on any picnic table, tall stump, seawall, whatever, and you’ve got a very functional, 0-maintenance open-air kitchen.

    And did I mention cheap?

    • sam1148 says:

       I agree, I have one and it’s great for power outages. I also use mine every month or so with a round bottom wok because I have a glass top stove–which sucks for stir fries. They also come with a nifty carrying case and the canisters are like 8 bucks for a 3pack.

  8. Diogenes says:

    Is there some reason for employing a grill attached to a vehicle, rather than putting it on the ground a safe distance from the vehicle?  I understand their use on a boat, but isn’t this just begging for trouble?

  9. dvdsweeney says:

    Liquid Hot Magma.

    I prefer my Lodge Cast Iron Hibachi.

  10. jason47 says:

    Magma Grills start at just over a hundred bucks at West Marine when they’re on sale. Just Google West Marine and check it out. Magma’s are not that expensive when you know what they are. They do cost a bit more but they’re made for boats so they’re of all non magnetic marine grade stainless steel rather then cheap automotive stainless steel like other grills. I’ve had 3 of them over the last 20 years and would not use anything else. I even use one at home a couple of times a week. I had my first Magma for over 10 years on my boat and it was as good as new when I sold my boat. You get what you pay for !!

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